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Equipment Description Class Number of Units
Press Devices
Double-link Press  300t
Single-Crank Press 250t
Double-Crank Press 150t
Double-Crank Press 500t 1unit
Double-Link Press 300t 1unit
Double-Crank Press 250t 1unit
Single-Crank Press 250t 4units
Double-Crank Press 200t 1unit
Single-Link Press 200t 5units
Single-Crank Press 200t 2units
Double-Crank Press 150t 1unit
Single-Link Press 150t 1unit
Single-Crank Press
(Robot line)
(1unit 5series)
Single-Crank Press
(Robot line)

(2unit 5series)
Single-Crank Press 100t 3units
Single-Crank Press 75t 1unit
Metal Forming Machine 15t or less 6units
Leveler Feed Line   9units
CNC Pipe Bender
CNC Pipe Bender
CNC Pipe Benders φ80〜φ50 5units
Universal Pipe Benders φ50 2units
Welding Robot
Welding Robot
CO Welding Robots 102units
Material Handling Robot 2units
Automatic Welders CO Arc Welding・Brazing・Spot Welding 53units
Spot Welders Three-Phase Rectification Type
Maximum Welding Current: 50,000A - 12,000A
Brazing Robot   4units
Spot Welders   5units
Double Housing Machining Center

# 6

Vertical Type Machining Center
Vertical Type Machining Center
# 6 1unit
Vertical Type Machining Center # 5.5 1unit
Copy Miller # 5 1unit
Milling Machines   3units
Lathes   2units
Surface Grinding Machine   3units
Radial Drilling Machine   2units
Electrical Discharge Machine Wire Cut 1unit
Three-Dimensional CAD・CAM   3units
Three-Dimensional CAD CATIA 2sets 4units
Two-Dimensional CAD   3units
Three-Dimensional Measuring Dervice   1unit
Layout Machine   1unit

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