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Hello. I am Kazuharu Utsuno, president of UTSUNO Co., Ltd. I thank you very much for your access.
 Today's automobile industry experiences accelerating technical innovation and globalization, to which UTSUNO delivers systematic production from designing and making of metal press molds/welding jigs to welding assembly, surface treatment and assembly of press/pipe workpieces.
 For 55 years since its foundation in 1947, under the motto of "transparent management (i.e. the management is fully open to employees)", UTSUNO has committed to make efforts "to work for the good of the community." It is a great pleasure for all members of UTSUNO to give the satisfaction to our customers andusers with our originality ahead of the times.
 Keywords of a 21st century car are "environment", "energy-saving" and "recycle" in addition to previous "faster" and "safer". To make a car that is friendly to the environment, the automotive industry will seek technical innovation through the global networking.
 As for "the environment", it is important to develop a power source that will be able to contribute to the prevention of the earth warming by purifying exhaust gas. Weight reduction will enhance fuel economy and thus contribute to "the energy-saving". As for "the recycle", a variety of ideas aimed at the maximum recycle will be developed. In ten years Japanese automotive industry will achieve phenomenal technical innovation to a dazzling breakthrough.
 By developing and constructing new technologies based on 45 years experience of making auto-parts, UTSUNO will contribute its efforts to further development of the industry of 21st century.


 President of the UTSUNO Co., Ltd


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